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Custom-Designed Helmet Wraps by


Helmet wraps are optional adhesive decal sets designed to make the assorted helmet models and colors in our club look unified and AMAZING! They complement our uniform designs are also removable -- not that you'd ever want to!

Our vendor offers a web store for orders to be placed individually, on demand. They guarantee a 48-hour turnaround time, and ship via USPS Priority Mail.


Boys High School Helmet Wraps ($34.95)

Lacrosse decal set for Boys High School Varsity and JV only.
Your Spring registration cost includes one helmet wrap!

  • Select "Black" decal design for JHS helmets
  • Select "Gray" decal design for CHS helmets

For other helmet colors and models, please contact: 

Boys Youth Full Helmet Wraps ($34.95)

This lacrosse decal set for Boys Youth K-8th grade only!

The wraps are designed for each specific helmet model, as each presents unique fitment challenges.

Cascade "Pro" style helmets, such as the S, R, CPX-R, CPV-R and Pro7, feature a full helmet wrap design as seen in the images below for the S and the CPX-R.

Boys' Partial Wraps ($22.95 - $24.95)

Decal set for Boys Youth K-8th Grade.

Partial wraps are available for the Cascade CS-R, CS, CPX, CPV and CHL2 helmet models, as well as STX, Warrior, and Brine helmets. 

The curvature or overall design of these helmets does not accomodate a full wrap design, and decal sets will be similar to the CS-R shown below:

Girls' Helmet Wraps ($29.95)

A helmet wrap is available for the new Cascade LX girls helmet! This is a soft-shell helmet which is currently optional in girls' lacrosse.


How to Identify a Helmet

Many helmets also include a label on an interior surface - usually on the underside of the visor. These labels usually provide the model and size of your helmet.





Helmets can also be identified using the graphic to the left (click for a larger version).

Questions? Clear up any uncertainty prior to ordering!

Everett Lacrosse

Everett Lacrosse

VP Operations