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Everett Lacrosse Club offers recreational youth lacrosse for boys in grades K through 8th. Each grade grouping outlined below develops skills building for the next level. Each level graduates in skill, equipment, contact, and applicable rule adjustments.

All of our youth coaches are volunteers and have a minimum US Lacrosse level 1 Certification with PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) training. We have a collaborative approach to coaching at all levels from high school down to K-2.

Youth games are played locally and throughout the North Sound area with North Sound Youth Lacrosse member teams, using US Lacrosse rules and NSYL amended rules.

Player Eligibility



Age (As of March 1)

High School



78 (14U)


Under 15

56 (12U)


Under 13

34 (10U)


Under 11

K2 (8U)


Under 9

NSYL Eligibility Rules

Our boys youth program accepts players residing within the Everett School District boundaries. Your player does not need to be enrolled in a public school to be eligible to play for Everett Lacrosse.

Player Eligibility rules can be found under the North Sound Youth Lacrosse rules handbook (above).

Youth Spring Season Information

* Spring 2021 Season is subject to change. Current schedule calls for a March - June season.


  • Begin in early February and run through late May.
  • Early spring practices will be held at Kasch Park under lights.
  • Practices for youth divisions move to Walter Hall Fields in early March after daylight savings time.


  • League-wide NSYL Jamboree on a Saturday in late February (two exhibition games per team).
  • Regular season starts early March through late May.


  • Mid-season tournament
  • NSYL league playoffs at the end of May
  • Post-season tournament in early June

Registration Pricing

Registration Dates

  • Spring 2021 - Mid January / No Late Registration
  • Registration typically opens in early October
  • Late Registration begins in January

Tournament Play

Tournament play is offered for teams at the K2 level and up. Most tournaments follow the US Lacrosse "U" convention for team registration (U10, U14, etc.) so reorganizing our grade-level teams may be necessary in order to field a competitive team.

Tournament teams will have separate registration so only those players that are interested need pay. We anticipate that tournament registration will be approximately $50 per player for the 2019 season. This cost will cover the tournament registration and practice time on our fields. Travel and lodging (if necessary) are not covered.

North Sound Youth Lacrosse

Everett Lacrosse is a member of North Sound Youth Lacrosse (NSYL). NSYL creates the game schedules for the league, and trains and provides referees. The other teams in the league are:

Anacortes Monroe
Arlington Mukilteo
Bellingham North County
Edmonds Skagit Valley
Glacier Peak Snohomish
Lake Stevens Stanwood


Our 3rd - 8th grade players purchase and own their uniform. New or replacement uniforms are offered during registration as an additional $65 fee. Tops ($45) and shorts ($20) can be ordered separately.

Our uniforms consist of a high quality sublimated reversible tank top and ELC branded Nike shorts. The uniforms should be purchased on the larger size so your player can get 2 or 3 years use out of them.

Kindergarten to 2nd grade players do not need to buy a uniform. ELC with provide a uniform for the season, which must be returned at end of the season.


Players are responsible for sourcing all of their protective and playing gear (stick, helmet, chest pads, gloves, elbow protection, cup, cleats). Goalie equipment is supplied by the club.

You can purchase gear locally at Play It Again Sports (Marysville has great service), Dick's or Sports Authority. There are many online sellers as well, just do a search for 'Lacrosse Equipment'.

Play It Again Sports in Marysville has an excellent protective gear rental package for $100 per season plus new/used cleats and new sticks. 

Where do lacrosse players come from?

Lacrosse players come from other sports like hockey, football, basketball, soccer and baseball. Some don't play any other sports at all because they like the uniqueness of the game. Many hockey and football coaches encourage their players to play lacrosse since it is complementary play in the off season. There is a strong correlation between basketball offensive and defensive strategy and lacrosse. Therefore basketball players will pick up the strategy of the lacrosse game quickly.

The lacrosse season is in direct conflict with baseball, so you will not find many baseball players who also play lacrosse. Similarly, the high school soccer season overlaps with the high school lacrosse season.