Viewing Event and Game Invitations and Responding to RSVPs

When your Team Manager or Coach creates a new game or event, you will receive an invitation via email and in your SportsEngine Inbox. You will also receive a notification on your mobile app. You will need to RSVP to one of the notifications.

Viewing the Email Invitation

You will receive an invitation email to which you can RSVP. There is no need to login to the team website to RSVP, simply choose your response within the email indicating that you are Going, Not Going, or Maybe. You can also add a note to your response.

Viewing a SportsEngine Mobile App Invitation

  1. Open the SportsEngine App on your mobile device.
  2. Click your Team Page.
  3. Tap the Schedule button.
  4. Tap the Event you would like to RSVP to.
  5. Tap Yes, Maybe, or No to record your RSVP.
  6. Click the three vertical dots to leave a Note.