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Lacrosse and Football

Complementary Sports

Ten Reasons Football Players SHOULD Play Lacrosse in the Spring


Lacrosse and football are two distinct sports with their own unique characteristics, but they can complement each other in various ways, making them an excellent combination for athletes looking to improve their skills and overall athleticism. Here are some reasons why lacrosse can be a good complementary sport to football:

  1. Agility and Footwork: Lacrosse requires players to be quick on their feet, make rapid changes in direction, and have excellent footwork. These skills can be highly beneficial for football players, especially positions like running backs, wide receivers, and defensive backs, where agility and quick changes of direction are crucial.

  2. Hand-Eye Coordination: Lacrosse involves using a stick to catch and pass a small ball at high speeds, which demands a high level of hand-eye coordination. Football players who play lacrosse can enhance their ability to catch passes, make interceptions, and handle the football more effectively.

  3. Conditioning: Lacrosse is a fast-paced sport that requires players to maintain high levels of endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Engaging in lacrosse during the offseason can help football players stay in shape and improve their overall conditioning, which is essential for both sports.

  4. Teamwork and Communication: Both football and lacrosse are team sports that require effective communication and teamwork. Playing both sports can help athletes develop their ability to work well with others, understand different team dynamics, and enhance their leadership skills.

  5. Defensive Skills: Lacrosse involves defensive strategies similar to football, such as zone coverage, man-to-man marking, and double-teaming opponents. Football players who take up lacrosse can sharpen their defensive instincts and positional awareness, which can be valuable on the gridiron.

  6. Versatility: Learning and playing multiple sports can make athletes more versatile and adaptable. Football players who also play lacrosse may develop a broader skill set, making them better-rounded athletes.

  7. Mental Toughness: Both football and lacrosse can be physically demanding and mentally challenging. Athletes who participate in both sports often develop mental toughness, discipline, and resilience, which are valuable attributes in any competitive endeavor.

  8. Injury Prevention: Cross-training in lacrosse can help football players reduce the risk of overuse injuries that can result from specializing in one sport year-round. Lacrosse engages different muscle groups and movement patterns, which can alleviate strain on football-specific muscles.

  9. Enjoyment and Balance: Playing different sports can provide athletes with a sense of balance and enjoyment. Switching between football and lacrosse allows athletes to experience different aspects of competition and reduce burnout.

  10. College Opportunities: Many colleges and universities offer both football and lacrosse programs. By excelling in both sports, student-athletes may increase their chances of earning scholarships or gaining admission to their desired institutions.

While football and lacrosse have their differences, they can complement each other well. Engaging in both sports can help athletes improve their overall athleticism, conditioning, and skill set, making them more well-rounded and versatile competitors on the field. Additionally, playing multiple sports can enhance an athlete's enjoyment of their sporting endeavors and contribute to their long-term physical and mental development.

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