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Girls Lacrosse Basics

Girls Lacrosse Basic Skills

This section has a collection of videos to help with learning the basics of girls lacrosse.

Cradling - Mastering the art of cradling will protect the ball from the competition. See the techniques that will keep the ball in your cross and off the ground.

Scooping - One of the skills that looks the easiest of the basics but one so many players do not do correctly. See videos of how one of the most important parts of taking advantage of the turnover is done.

Passing - The single most important part of the game is often performed in bad form or even short-cutted on its technique. This in turn often creates opportunity for the completion to work on their scooping! Good passing and catching is critical to winning. Watch, practice, win.

Shooting - Once we get to the goal, we have to know how to put ball in past a goalie who's full intention is to make you fail. How do we get the score? See the proper techniques in a nice array of videos.