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Lacrosse is known as the oldest sport in North America with its roots from the Native American Indians, lacrosse has rapidly become the fastest growing sport in the United States. Traditionally popular in the Northeast, especially in Baltimore, Boston and New York, it is now gaining ground in California and the Northwest.

At the high school level, no other sport has grown faster over the last 10 years.  The NCAA has more than 500 college club programs, including nearly 200 women’s teams competing at the US Lacrosse Intercollegiate Association level.  This year, ELC High School Boys Lacrosse is celebrating its 9th season.

Spring 2021 Season

Season Dates

  • Youth - March through June
  • High School - April through June

Registration Pricing

Program Early Reg. Late Reg. 
Boys HS $500 * TBD **
Girls HS $395 * $445 **
Boys 7/8 $300 TBD
Boys 5/6 $275 TBD
Boys 3/4 $250 TBD
Boys K-2 $80 TBD
Girls 7/8 $250 TBD
Girls 5/6 $200 TBD
Girls 3/4 $150 TBD
Girls K-2 $80 TBD

* A $100 fundraising prepay will be collected for High School programs at the time of registration.

** $50 High School Girls late registration fee after April 1, 2021.

Registration Discounts and Payment Plans

  • Registration opens in mid-January this year.
  • Payment plan available for registrations prior to March 1.
  • Family multiplayer discounts: $25 off per additional player
  • Winter Clinic discount for Grades 3-8:
    • $50 before March 15
    • $25 After March 15
  • Contact the Registrar for Icebreaker Winter Clinic discount code or for waitlist options after registration closes.

Player Eligibility

Division Grade Age (As of March 1)

High School


Under 19

78 (14U)


Under 15

56 (12U)


Under 13

34 (10U)


Under 11

K2 (8U)


Under 9


Players are responsible for sourcing all of their protective and playing gear. Goalie equipment is supplied by the club.

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