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Everett Lacrosse Club 2019 Board Elections

Thank you for your interest in participating in our board election process - or better yet - serving our Everett Lacrosse players and families by volunteering!

We are always seeking individuals to serve in positions on our Board of Directors as well as on important committees.   Positions are one-year terms and require attendance at our monthly Board meetings in addition to fulfilling the needs of the position.  Our Board election is held during the General Membership Meeting each June, with a short transitional period following to allow new Board members to get up to speed from outgoing officers. 

If your family has enjoyed their lacrosse experience, please consider volunteering for these positions to help our continued growth.  

While all positions are up for election, this year there are two vacancies to fill:

  • President ELC
  • Secretary

Below are descriptions and responsibilities for all Board positions.  Thank you again for supporting ELC!


Barrett Crane

Barrett Crane


Phone: (214) 697-1006

Board Officers

Historically, the ELC board has moved some individual tasks around to willing and able members in collaborative spirit but below is a quick brief of general tasks and responsibilities of each member.

High School Division Board Positions

High School Boys and Girls board positions may vary, but below are the minimum required by our bylaws: