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Boys Youth Lacrosse Information

Youth Coaches

All of our youth coaches are volunteers and have a minimum US Lacrosse level 1 Certification with PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) training. We have a collaborative approach to coaching at all levels from High school down to K-2.

Registration Dates

Everett Lacrosse Club typically opens registration for the Spring season in mid-October, with late registration at the end of January. You can access registration for all levels of lacrosse on the Spring Registration page. The club also offers winter and fall clinics. Please contact info@everettlacrosseclub.org for more info.

For more exact date info go to: ELC Calendar


Our boys youth programs accept players residing anywhere within the Everett and Marysville School District boundaries.

Eligibility is determined by residency within our club's boundaries. Your player does not need to be enrolled in a public school to be eligible to play for Everett Lacrosse.

Season Length

The main lacrosse season runs from February through the end of May. Our youth league, North Sound Youth Lacrosse (NSYL), holds an end of season league playoff for 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 teams. Post-season tournament play occasionally extends into early June.

The grade K-2 team has a shorter season with exhibition style games.

Registration Costs

The registration costs for the Spring 2018 Season are below:


Registration Cost

Late Registration Cost (After 1/26/2018)

Grade K/2



Grade 3/4



Grade 5/6



Grade 7/8




Our 3rd - 8th grade players purchase and own their uniform. New or replacement uniforms are offered during registration as an additional fee ($60). Tops ($40) and shorts ($20) can be ordered separately.

Our uniforms are a 2 piece uniform consisting of a high quality ELC (Everett Lacrosse Club) decorated fully sublimated reversible wide shoulder (collegiate) tank top and an ELC branded Nike short.These uniforms should be purchased on the larger size for the player so they can get 2 or 3 years out of them. For more information, please visit: Boys Youth Uniforms

Kindergarten to 2nd grade players do not need to buy a uniform. ELC with provide a uniform for the season. Uniforms must be returned at end of season.


Players are responsible for sourcing all of their protective and playing gear (stick, helmet, chest pads, gloves, elbow protection, cup, cleats). For more information on what gear is needed, please visit: Equipment

Goalie equipment is supplied by the club.

You can purchase gear locally at Play It Again Sports (Marysville has great service), Dick's or Sports Authority. There are many online sellers as well, just do a search for 'Lacrosse Equipment'.

Play It Again Sports in Marysville has an excellent protective gear rental package for $100 per season plus new/used cleats and new sticks. For more information please visit: Protective Equipment Rental.

Tournament Play

Tournament play is offered for teams at the 3/4 level and up. Most tournaments follow the U convention for team registration (U11, U13, etc.). In order to field a competitive team, we will reorganize our grade level teams to follow the U convention. Tournament teams will have separate registration so only those players that are interested need pay. We anticipate that tournament registration will be approximately $50 per player for the 2018 season. This cost will cover the tournament registration and practice time on our fields.

Practice Schedule

The Youth Boys Lacrosse season begins with practices in the second week of February. The grade 3/4 and 5/6 teams generally practice twice per week for 90 minutes per practice. The grade 7/8 team practices two or three times per week for 90 minutes per practice. The practice schedule for each team is communicated to parents and players at our kick-off meeting in February.

Practices begin between 5 and 5:30pm. Coaches typically start practices earlier at the beginning of the season to avoid practicing in the dark (not all our fields have lights). Once Daylight Savings begins, practices can begin later.

For more exact info go to: ELC Calendar

Practice / Game Locations

Practices and home games are held at either the Kasch Park Athletic Complex (8811 Airport Rd, Everett, WA 98204) or Walter E. Hall Park (1226 SW Casino Road Everett, WA 98201). Away games are at other club's fields as far north/south as Lynden/Edmonds and as far east/west as Monroe/Mukilteo.

North Sound Youth League

Everett Lacrosse is a member of the North Sound Youth League (NSYL). We spend our season playing other teams in this league. The other teams in the league are:

  • Anacortes (New in 2018!)
  • Bellingham
  • Edmonds
  • Glacier Peak
  • Monroe
  • Mukilteo
  • North County
  • Skagit
  • Snohomish
  • Stanwood

NSYL creates the game schedules for the league, and trains and provides referees. You can read more about NSYL on their website http://nsyouthlax.com.

Game Schedule

The game schedule is released by NSYL to all its teams in late February or early March. Typically each team will play 9 games from the second week in March until the middle of May. Games are usually held on Saturdays, sometimes makeup games are scheduled during the week but are not common. The season begins with a Jamboree day which is usually on a Saturday. Each team can expect to play 2 games that day. The Jamboree is a great way to train our league refs and give our players some game experience.

In the past the 3/4 teams play the first games of the morning, followed by the 5/6 teams. The 7/8 teams play the final games of the day, generally games are completed by 3pm. Game times vary a bit for each grade level team, but generally there is 30-45 minutes of pre-game warm-up followed by a one hour game. Games will run a bit longer at the 7/8 level due to time outs, penalties, etc.

For more exact info go to: ELC Calendar

Team Communication

Everett Lacrosse primarily uses email for club-level communication. Teams (coaches, parents and players) also use a collaboration tool called Bonzi Team which is accessible via a web browser or by a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Our coaches to communicate attendance, schedule changes, car pools, etc.

Parents/Parent Volunteers

US Lacrosse has a great handbook for parents of players. It can be found at: http://www.uslacrosse.org/portals/1/documents/pdf/participants/parents/boys-parent-handbook.pdf

Almost all of our organization is run by volunteers; this also includes team and game management. Parents have opportunities to volunteer to be a team parent, side line manager, help set up fields, time games, score game statistics, and help spot statistics to score. It is an excellent way to learn about the game of lacrosse and experience it together with your child.

Lacrosse Rules

NSYL and the Everett Lacrosse Club follow the rules of Boys Youth Lacrosse as determined by the US Lacrosse Association (USLA). You can view the rules on USLA website http://www.uslacrosse.org/rules/boys-rules.aspx.

Where do lacrosse players come from?

Lacrosse players come from other sports like hockey, football, basketball, soccer and baseball. Some don't play any other sports at all because they like the uniqueness of the game. Many hockey and football coaches like their players playing lacrosse since it is complementary play in the off season. There is a strong correlation between basketball offensive and defensive strategy and lacrosse. Therefore basketball players will pick up the strategy of the lacrosse game quickly.

The lacrosse season is in direct conflict with baseball, so you will not find many baseball players who also play lacrosse. Similarly, the high school soccer season overlaps with the lacrosse season.